Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gems of the Day

Today was filled with many good ones. It started off with Boo sitting at the kitchen table waiting for our bi-annual trip to the dentist. I was madly racing around the house trying to get everyone ready and out on time. Boo, oddly enough, was dressed, fed, teeth brushed and ready to go. In one of my streaks through the kitchen I see him quickly sit up straight. I ask him what he is doing, knowing very well what he was doing as I got closer. See, the hubby's b-day was last night and the last remnants of the cake were sitting on the table. Boo's face covered in chocolate spelled out his sneaking some licks while waiting for none other than the dentist...awesome. I did my usual try to yell, but did very poorly given I thought it was pretty damn funny. Boo took my smirk as an affirmation that it was ok to eat cake before heading to the dentist, because on another streak through the kitchen he pretty much demolished the frosting on the outside. Then, yelling without smiling was possible.

Later in the day we were eating dinner and watching the Food Network. My kids love the Food Network almost as much as I do.

Boo: Mom do you know what caramelized means?
Me: (proud as punch that my little guy is already a foodie at four) Yes, but yo tell me what you think.
Boo: It means to kill someone.

Awesome, not only does Boo not know what caramelized means, he's already got boy violence on the brain.

Me: What makes you say that?
Boo: Because on the McDonald's commercial the chicken nugget got caramelized by the apple dippers.

Sister finally got in on the act when we were talking about our family and how much we love each other (insert gagging noise here). The hubby and the kids were thanking me for being a good Mommy, I was thanking them for being good kids, and just being thankful in general for having three great kids. Sister spoke up.

Sister: And thank you to Daddy for giving you the seeds to make us!
Me: Indeed, thank you Daddy!

I may have to start carrying a notebook around with me all day, as I know there were a few more, but my mushy Mommy brain cannot retain any sort of information of any importance, thanks again Daddy!


  1. LOL ~ The "seeds" to make them!!

  2. Those are pretty good. You can now blame fast food commercials for bringing violent thoughts into your home. hahahaha