Monday, February 2, 2009


Sister is a bit obsessed lately with the whole tomboy concept. She'd like to think she has a streak of tomboy in her, but really not so much. As she would say, "I'm a girly girl, with a little bit of tomboy." In reality, she's all girly, purses, makeup, seven going on seventeen. This morning Sister is getting her uniform on, getting ready for school. She comes to me with her tights on, but hanging low - you know crotch around mid-thigh. I do the usual lick the hands and the pull up the tights to get a good grip and get them all the way up.

Sister: I'm so glad you are my mom!

Me: Thanks hon, that's nice.

Sister: You know why? Because if I had a tomboy for a mom, she probably wouldn't know that trick. You always know how to make me look good!

Thanks Sister!

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