Monday, March 2, 2009

Chuckie Cheese = Relaxation

So, I was telling Boo stories the other day. This was to take his mind off the fact that he wasn't getting to watch TV during lunch. (he had already watched for a long time that morning, and I think his brain was enough mushed for one day) I told a story about Prince Boo, another one about Princess Tess-a-Bess, and finally a stellar one about Queen Kelly. During Queen Kelly's story, the queen gets to go to a beautiful deserted island that is outfitted with all the things a queen would need...gourmet food, top shelf drinks, a masseuse, and a have a relaxing vacation with her family.

Boo: If you want relax, we should go to Chuckie Cheese!
Me: Um, what makes you think Chuckie Cheese would be relaxing for Mom?
Boo: Well the commercial says that when the kids are playing, the moms can relax!

Advertisers out there, just know that you are reaching my kids. They believe they can be a kid at Chuckie Cheese, they are lovin it at McDonald's, and Boo is certain that if he is cold and playing he won't survive without a Snuggie. One reason I turn off the TV is simply so I can stop hearing "I want that" to every glorified pipe cleaner and bug growing commercial out there.

And for you who think only the kids say funny things, take hear Mom gets in the game once in a while too. This weekend we were getting ready to out to lunch at one of the kids' favorite restaurants. They were very poky in getting ready and kept fooling around. After telling them about ten times to get dressed, I finally lost my cool. This was the best I could come up with...

"If you don't get dressed right now I am going to get ice cream at the restaurant and eat it in front of you without letting you have any!"

As the words tumbled out of my mouth I realized it was the stupidest thing I have ever said to the kids. So much so Sister did my infamous bury-face-in-hands-as-if-crying-to-hide-laughter trick. I quickly turned away laughing myself and went into my room. The hubby was also laughing his ass off and said, "Now that wasn't very nice!" Just one more example for the Mother of the Year committee!

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