Monday, February 9, 2009


This was a banner week for Boo, in fact so many funny things that I have literally forgot most of them. Yesterday's running up to everyone at the dinner we went to and screaming "BIG EYES" was one of them, but many more.

While getting ready to go pick up Sister from school, Boo asks for gum. When we get in the car...

Boo: I am sorry Mom (very pathetic like)

Me: For what Boo (appreciating the non-forced apology for anything)

Boo: My gum fell down the back of my throat into my stomach!

Me: Fell?? Don't you mean you swallowed it.

Boo: No, Mom. I turned my head and it accidentally fell down my throat!

Or Saturday after I was helping him in the bathroom, and he is standing there touching his toes with his head between his legs, pants around his ankles.

Boo: Mom, my penis is small.

Me: No, your fine Boo, it's just the way your standing.
(Though to be perfectly truthful, this was my biggest fear when he was a baby. Back in the day when I worked at a group home for kids, there was this little boy who had something called Micropenis Disease, it it was just that. So when Ryan was born and I got over the trauma of the circumcision - a whole other story in itself - his penis was pretty small. As the hubby would say - a grower, not a show-er. But I never forgot that kid at the group home. I would analyze the doctors reaction every time she examined his nether region, and she never seemed alarmed. But by nine months I could no longer handle the anxiety and at his check up that month, as the doc was examining him I blurted out, "are you sure his penis is ok, because it looks very small, and it is always tucked in, and i don't want him to go through a life of having a small penis and being teased about it." She says, "Kelly, relax he's fine, his penis is normal!" Whew!)

Boo: (grabbing himself) This part doesn't stick out much, but this part down here is big.
(You can imagine where his hands were placed)

Me:'re just fine.

Finally, the pinnacle of this week's Booism was his new learned talent of skipping. While in Target waiting for Sister who was in the bathroom, Boo asked me to teach him to skip. I, as a good mother, made a total fool of myself by skipping by through the customer service center. Boo then took his turn and made me look golden. He was so funny, skipping while pointing his fingers in the air I made him recreate it at home. This is when ensued...


  1. OH. MY. GAWD.

    I am laughing my Irish ass off over here!!! I can just totally picture Boo and his Unit! (Ev calls it "my skididdles". LOL)

  2. Well, that's something new to worry about! hahahaha

  3. When Boo is a teenage, he'll be thrilled to know his mama use to think he had a tiny wee-wee. I hope you tell Sister she has microscopic boobies too.