Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures of the Day

Today's blog post will be told in pictures. Too bad this wasn't next week when I would have my new camera in hand. Though the pictures might still be sub-par and I would just be an idiot wannabe photog with a really expensive camera. But that's something to worry about next week.

I went to pick up Boo from school this late morning, and in celebration of Earth Day, all the children made Earth Day projects. I saw the other kids' projects as they walked by with their moms. Their projects made claims such as, "I promise to ride my bike," "I promise to plant a tree," or "I promise to walk to school." I looked forward to seeing what Boo's Earth Day promise was. Well, here's what I got:

This coming from the boy who answers "Superman" to the question of what he wants to be when he grows up. I guess this promise can be interpreted as a career goal as well.

When we got home, I put Tess-a-Bess in the only truly baby proofed place in our home. Yeah, yeah, I know, she's nearly a year and I should have baby proofed more than a portion of the basement. But in my defense, it is where we spend the most time, and I still need examples of my worthiness of the MOTY award. In order to baby proof the basement, you need to barricade to spaces between the couches and the treadmill to lock Tess-a-Bess in the pay area of the basement. Looks here like she wants to get past that barricade:

Perhaps a stronger, child safety sanctioned barricade is in order. Or maybe a stack of boxes would work instead!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Having a dramatic seven year old is a curse and a blessing. She loves performing and will entertain any guest that comes into our home, even if they don't want to be entertained. She will walk on stage in front of hundreds of people at a talent show and sing a solo without blinking an eye. She will make you laugh with her seven going on 17 going on 72 stories and mannerisms. She is one of the most outgoing, personable seven year olds I know.

But then there is the downside, which plays out when things may not be going Sister's way, or is she is (don't say it!)...tired. This past weekend Sister went away on a trip with her Grandma. It wasn't an all fun trip, there was some kid-sized business involved, but she did get to swim, eat junk, and stay up late. When she returned she was tired, to say the least. After about an hour at home, the waterworks began.

Me: Sister, dinner.
Sister: But, I didn't get a chance to play (insert hysterical tears here)

Dad: Sister, scoot up to the table.
Sister: Why do yo have to give me such a hard time (insert hysterical tears here)

Me: Tell me about your weekend.
Sister: It was fun (she's back to cheery at this point) we swam a lot. But then at night, the older girls got to go back to the pool and us younger kids had to go to bed (insert hysterical tears here).
Me: Sister, it's over with, you're fine, let's just eat
Sister: (with all the drama she can muster) I need to go to the bathroom and compose myself.

What seven year old needs to compose themselves? Yep, I know one!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The festivities started early in our house, about 6:30 early. The loud shoutings of a four year old woke up the sick baby who went to bed's going to be a great day.

Baskets were pillaged, eggs were found, whites were eaten and yolks were tossed.

The hubby and I stayed in bed as long as possible, as we listened to the older two run through the house. Tess-a-Bess laid down with us reading her new books from the Easter Bunny. The following was heard...

Boo: Is it time to shove our faces with candy yet?
Sister: Alleluia, Jesus is risen, ALLELUIA! (said in her best preacher voice)

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

Sister: MOM!! Boo put his penis on my sheets and it smells.
Me: Umm....

Then I just stood there, frozen trying my hardest not to laugh, as the "bury your face in your hands and pretend your crying" trick wouldn't really work here.

Perhaps a small clue that the seven year old girl and four year old boy need to stop sharing a room.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It is easy to get caught up in the day to day annoyances of life. Snotty babies, whining kids, endless dishes, and not enough sleep can make any mom feel down on her luck. But when you read about stories like this or this, you appreciate that lovely life that can annoy you at times.

So, yesterday was about appreciation. We went to the park and enjoyed the sunshine and the borderline spring warmth.

We appreciated good friends...

We appreciated blue skies and swings...

We appreciated playing in the wood chips, and trying a few for a snack (some of us appreciated that one more than others)...

We appreciated gliding down the slide with siblings…

After dinner (which was about the only part of the day Mommy didn’t appreciate given Tess-a-Bess refuses to eat any baby food, but isn’t so hot on all types of people food, making for lots of screaming on baby and Mommy’s part), we appreciated a sunset walk…

And appreciated our scootering abilities…

And after everyone was safely in their beds, Mom and Dad appreciated J.J. Abrams and his ability to annoy the hell out of us.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Boo has his best bud D over today. Boo and D have known each other for over two years, and have always been the best of friends. Whenever they play together, there is no need for intervention, they always get along. Lately, they have taken to using the three hours to play Star Wars Wii. Given it's chilly and wet outside, I let it slide, though these lazy, nerd-inducing days will end when the weather warms up.

At some point, I notice Boo wiggling while he is playing. I insist on a pause in the game for a potty break. The boys go flying up the stairs together.

Boo: I have downstairs.
D: NO, I want downstairs.
Boo: Let's go upstairs and we can pee at the same time!!
D: Yeah!

Moments later the sound on tinkling can be heard on the baby monitor downstairs, followed by my son's voice, "Hubba, hubba".

Hmmm, guess we'll have to work on the appropriateness of that catchphrase!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

What can a four year old and a seven year old come up with for April Fools? Nothing but greatness.

The day started slow, with a couple easy tricks.

Sister: Boo, your shoes are untied!
Boo: My shoes don't have ties!

Boo: Mom, your sweater's unzipped!
Me: I'm wearing a t-shirt.

Then they decided to put their minds together to play a trick. Boo started to "whisper" to Sister in the kitchen. And by whisper I mean talk just a smidge softer than your normal voice, but still audible to nearly everyone in the house. Sister smartly pointed this out - "Mom can hear us you know!" - and they moved upstairs for a few minutes of conspiring. Later, I came upon their tomfoolery. In our bathroom, we have two soaps, one normal, one Kandoo for the kids. Those tricky kids switched the soaps places!! So, this evening, after coming home from work, I went to the bathroom and came out...

Me: Wow, I went to wash my hands and now I smell like Kandoo!
Sister and Boo (in unison): APRIL FOOLS!!
Boo: (laughing hysterically): That was us!! We switched them to trick you!!

They thought they were the trickiest kids on the block! Later when giving the girls a bath, I reached for the soap, which was missing. Sister pleaded innocence, and those Tess-a-Bess is tricky, she isn't that sly. I called for Boo and asked where was the soap...APRIL FOOLS!! That one actually made me giggle as he hid it underneath the sink.

Not sure that Boo gets the concept that April Fools is only one day, my guess is I will be coming upon bubble related antics for some time now...