Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby Cannibalism

All I'm sayin is it is possible that one day I may take a bite out of Tess. Not sayin I think it is ok, but it would be unavoidable. Those cheeks (on face and rear), that neck, and those toes...all unknowing victims. She even giggles when I start to nibble, so who's to say she wouldn't like it!

When Sister was born (long before she was Sister), I cherished most moments as a new mom would. But I worked full-time, many milestones missed, or seen the second time around. When Boo came along, he was a mischievous baby, getting into everything. Sister was two and a half and always on the go. From about 7mos on, I wished for Boo to get past the baby stage, so we could move on with Sister.

But, now, sometimes amazes me how in love with her I am. Every milestone a joy, every stage "the best." I can guarantee she is the smartest baby around, no one can beat my baby. I know she is very likely our last baby, and unlike before, I want her little forever. And I want to eat her.

Here's why....

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