Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off to a Great Start

Wow, what a day already and it's well before noon.

Sister woke up complaining about a stomachache. Me, being the doubter of all sicknesses, told her to eat breakfast, as she was probably hungry, and move on with her day. Sister went to school as was there all of three minutes (literally) when she quietly whispered to her teacher she was going to puke, and proceeded to do so, with great aim, in the bathroom. The school immediately called and politely asked me to pick up my sick child.

I am now forever known at the school office as that mom who sends her kid to school sick. It has happened many times before.

I quickly rounded up the troops - aka Boo and Tess-a-Bess - and readied them for the trip. Boo ran upstairs to get a sweatshirt. He came down with the sweatshirt still on the hanger and was struggling to get it off. Finally he pulled the hanger out, and held it up. It was missing the hook on top.

Boo: Are hangers supposed to look like this?
Me: No
Boo: (total deadpan) Well then, I broke it.

While quickly driving to the school I came behind a Jeep that stopped short and turned into a driveway, without a turn signal.

Me: What in the world (or maybe I muttered some expletive) are you doing?
Boo: Maybe he's an idiot driver.
Me: Maybe

I am now known as that mom who teaches their kids to yell mean things to other drivers.

Finally, we get Sister and she is looking pretty chipper. I ask how she is feeling. She says she is just fine, and feels like she can stay at school. I tell her that's probably not a good idea, but ask if she could stomach a trip to the grocery store. She says of course. I quickly try to make my way through the grocery store, when suddenly Sister says she wants to go home. Crap. She requested to go to the bathroom. Double crap. We rush to the bathroom, but in front of the wipes, she stops and pukes. Too bad it wasn't in front of the paper towels. Sister asks Boo to fetch the lady by the flowers to help. He doesn't move, so Sister runs off and finds a worker to help with the clean up. They are awfully nice to Sister, as I profusely apologize.

I am now known as that mom who brings her pukey kids into the grocery store.

Lovin' life today!!

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