Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Tonight in the tub, funny things happened.
As the kids were getting dressed, Boo began to comment on the new body sponge we have for Tess-a-Bess (note the blue thingy in the tub). These body sponges are the perfect base for slippery babies in the tub. Our old one was all torn up and raggedy, hence the new pretty blue one. The old one had drainage holes scattered throughout. Boo had a tendency to stick his fingers in the holes and wiggle, causing small tears, again requiring the purchase of a new body sponge.
That being said, here's the conversation that ensued...
Boo: Mom, what if a robber came in the house?
Me: That would be bad, Boo.
Boo: Wait, what if the robber came and he came straight into the bathroom and he poked holes in the new sponge and then after he poked holes he took a pair of scissors and cut the sponge up in little pieces and threw them in the toliet and then flushed.
Me: Wow, that would be bad.
Boo: Yep.
To a four year old, cutting up the body sponge and flushing it is bad, to me having a robber do only that would be golden!!
Here is the other fun we had at bathtime!

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  1. ah, 4 year olds!! so funny!!

    and the baby kisses---oh, too cute!!
    you sure do have some good looking kids!