Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

What can a four year old and a seven year old come up with for April Fools? Nothing but greatness.

The day started slow, with a couple easy tricks.

Sister: Boo, your shoes are untied!
Boo: My shoes don't have ties!

Boo: Mom, your sweater's unzipped!
Me: I'm wearing a t-shirt.

Then they decided to put their minds together to play a trick. Boo started to "whisper" to Sister in the kitchen. And by whisper I mean talk just a smidge softer than your normal voice, but still audible to nearly everyone in the house. Sister smartly pointed this out - "Mom can hear us you know!" - and they moved upstairs for a few minutes of conspiring. Later, I came upon their tomfoolery. In our bathroom, we have two soaps, one normal, one Kandoo for the kids. Those tricky kids switched the soaps places!! So, this evening, after coming home from work, I went to the bathroom and came out...

Me: Wow, I went to wash my hands and now I smell like Kandoo!
Sister and Boo (in unison): APRIL FOOLS!!
Boo: (laughing hysterically): That was us!! We switched them to trick you!!

They thought they were the trickiest kids on the block! Later when giving the girls a bath, I reached for the soap, which was missing. Sister pleaded innocence, and those Tess-a-Bess is tricky, she isn't that sly. I called for Boo and asked where was the soap...APRIL FOOLS!! That one actually made me giggle as he hid it underneath the sink.

Not sure that Boo gets the concept that April Fools is only one day, my guess is I will be coming upon bubble related antics for some time now...

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  1. Love it.

    Your kids rule.

    I want to hang out with them. And use air quotes willy nilly.