Monday, March 9, 2009

So Not Funny

So, I have failed to find the humor in my children lately. They have been snotty, sick, tired, and otherwise not funny. Here is a small list of thing I find not so funny:

1. Not so funny every time Boo sneezes it looks like the snot rockets Puck used to blow on the Real World, except much more explosive and disgusting.

2. Not so funny every time Boo gets up in the middle of the night half asleep running around like a mad man. He is so very tired he has no idea what he is doing.

3. Not so funny the extreme attitude Sister has developed when she is sick. I know you are tired honey, but does everything have to be said with the inflection of a 13 year old brat?

4. Not so funny when Boo asked for Kleenex the other day and used air quotes when he said kleenex. Scratch that...that was flippin hilarious. How does a four year old know to use air quotes, and why pick kleenex as the word to use them with.

5. Not so funny that this mysterious illness that is just bad enough to make everyone miserable, but not really bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor moves to the next person only when the person before it is feeling better. Though it might suck for the four days everyone has it, but at least it would be over and done with if everyone got it at the same time.

6. Not so funny that now it's Mom's turn.

7. Not so funny that the hubby tore his calf muscle three weeks ago playing basketball. I feel bad for him, but also feel bad for me who has to do almost everything due to his immobility. Though I give him lots of credit for hobbling around the kitchen with the mop yesterday, it was sweet!

Here's hoping that things get a little more hilarious around here real soon.


  1. well damn on the illness! hope everyone gets feeling better soon!!

    but, i'm happy to hear i don't have the only 4 year old who uses air quotes (however inappropriately!). now if you told me that your 4 year old also was acting like a 13 year old brat, i'd think mine was normal! :)

  2. Wow. Puck. I haven't thought about him in a looooong time!!