Monday, June 1, 2009

Party of Six?

Boo has an imaginary friend, Tom. Actually Tom is his imaginary brother. Here is what we have learned about Tom to date:

- Tom is 17
- Tom was given up by his original parents, at which time we adopted him
- Tom was in high school, but graduated
- Tom is currently working at Pizza Hut, he makes the pizzas in the back
- Tom rides a motorcycle
- Tom has a imaginary dog named Pumpernickel
- Tom will be attending college in the fall, at which time he will move out of the house
- Tom is inconsistent in his participation in family events - sometimes he joins us, sometimes he doesn't, sometimes he has this canny ability of suddenly popping up out of the middle of nowhere and continuing with us on our day

It is funny that at almost five Boo has dreamed up this imaginary brother. Though it may have to do with the fact that the baby is a sister, not a brother. To which many have said, "have another!' I think we'll stick with Tom...he's almost out of the house!


  1. love that the dog's name is pumpernickel? Is that Boo's favorite kind of bagel?

  2. So do you have to pay for Tom's college tuition?

  3. Typical teenager - not always at family gatherings. lol

  4. Tom sounds like a fine, upstanding young imaginary man. He's a testament to imaginary teenage brothers everywhere.

    He has to smell better than my brother's imaginary friend, Mike the Gorilla. My brother was the only boy with two sisters, too...hmmm.