Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I realize as the kids get older, they will come up with clever and crafty excuses to avoid punishment for their natty behavior. I just didn't know it would happen soon.

Yesterday, Boo comes up to me and Tess-a-Bess while we are playing. He has a Blue plush toy that he begins to tickle Tess-a-Bess with. After a few minutes of making his sister squeal with delight, he turns to me and proudly shows me Blue's head where he has written an "A" and a "R."

Me: Boo! What in the world did you do that for?

At this point his face drops. I love when kids proudly show you things that they shouldn't have done, clearly not knowing their mistake. Their faces go from pure joy to plain upset in 2.2 seconds.

Boo: I'm sorry Mom.
Me: Boo we only write on paper, nothing else. You are a big boy now, you should know this.
Boo: But I didn't do it today Mom, I did it when I was four!

See, Boo turned five last week. I, of course, thought this was genius, and had to turn away to hide my smile.

Kind of reminds me of the time when Boo and Sister went across the street to play with friends. The hubby and I were home playing with Tess-a-Bess when all of a sudden we hear the front door open. Boo comes strolling in without Sister. The hubby inquires as to who walked Boo across the street (being that he isn't allowed to cross by himself). Boo states that Tom helped him cross the street. When he saw the shocked look on the hubby's face, he quickly added, "Tom is old Dad, he's seventeen!" The kid's got a point.

If he is making these kind of excuses now, what do you think he'll come up with five years from now?!?


  1. Bwahahaha! I heart him from afar. Brilliant. A little evil genius in the making!

  2. clever lil guy ain't he? I could learn from that one!!

  3. I can't wait until Luke comes up with this stuff!

  4. He is hysterical. Keeps you on your toes, doesn't he!

  5. Weird - i think the internets just ate my comment!

    Bascially your kid is hysterical and very smart!