Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freckle Faces

I love the beginning of summer. After a couple days out in the sun (even with proper sunscreen applied) everyone's freckles pop again. Everyone looks even that much cuter.

Sister has freckles everywhere, like someone sprinkled freckle dust all over her. She got her first freckle when she was 18 mos old, 4th of July weekend, on her arm. We point that one out to her all the time.

Boo has the best freckles on his face, like a Norman Rockwell painting. Not as much on his arms and legs, but he'll get there, he has no choice. His first freckle arrives around the year old mark, on his left cheek.

Of course you would think that being a baby, Tess-a-Bess would still have lily-white skin, with not a freckle in sight. But given my Mother of the Year status, she got her first freckle when she was 4mos old. Because despite keeping your baby in the shade during your daily trip to the pool, I guess sun still reflects off the pool and freckles are formed. Now, she has a light dusting of unbelievably adorable freckles across her nose and cheeks. However, she is a baby and apparently to busy moving for a close up.

My goal is to get that adorable freckle face shot before the end of summer...


  1. Your children are beautiful. Just beautiful. I love the dusting of freckles ~ it's as if a fairy put them there!