Sunday, June 7, 2009


Do you ever had those awkward moments. You know the "why-the-fuck-did-that-insane-garble-just-come-out-of-my-mouth" kind of awkward moment. The ones where sometimes if when you wake up in the middle of the night and remember your awkward moment you spend an hour awake thinking about it and shuddering.

Yep, I have those moments often. It's part of my catch-phrasey way of talking, I think. I always have to have a nickname for everyone, or at the very least call them "hon" "babe" or "doll." I also hang out with three small children frequently, and have a tendency to refer to things in kids terms, "potty" "nappers" and positive reinforcement are frequent parts of my vocabulary. When you mix this all together and throw it in the adult world, sometimes awkward moments can occur.

Like the other day, I was at a friend's house with a few other people. Said friend's boyfriend asked me a question. I responded with "something, something, babe" Huh? No one looked up quickly in horror, so either they didn't notice or they are used to my idiot ramblings.

Even better was at work the other day. I was on the way out and the doc at work was telling me about he had made a command decision not to participate in some doctor event in the area that evening. My response, "good girl!" First the doc is a guy, second...good girl, are you kidding me. Want to know how I recovered? "Good boy!" Oh. my. goodness. Just kill me now, I hung my head in shame and walked out the door.

So, babe...what's your most awkward moment?

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  1. I have a doozy:

    Shortly after Archie was born, a friend dropped by with some banana bread and gifts. So sweet. We were talking about Archie and his cuteness and quirks from being born almost a month early. I said something like, "He can't control his eyes well, of course, so they cross and he looks like he's insane..."

    Oh, God...her daughter was born with an eye condition that caused them to permanently cross until she had several surgeries to repair them. I knew all this when I said my stupid remark. Ugh. I still shudder when I think of that moment.