Sunday, June 7, 2009

Election 2044

Sister has stated many a time that she wants to be the president. I think she was inspired by the recent election and all of the Obama love. Though she will often use the line of, "I want to make a difference" Today at lunch, she laid out her campaign strategy...

Sister: I think I want to be president, but first I am going to be a clothing designer.
Me: Oh, and then when you are done, it's on to the presidency?
Sister: Yes, I mean I know plenty of people, so when they go to vote they see my name and think, 'I know that Molly, I guess I'll vote for her.' And then I'll win!
Me: Yep, I guess it will be just that easy.

Maybe we should give her some lessons on the finer points of campaigning and getting her name out there before actual voting day.

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