Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Week in Pictures

It was quite a week, one that we probably won't forget.

It started with some hardcore, bedhead-inducing sleep.

Followed by a performance of Once Upon a Lily Pad.

With a little time spent with Grandma afterwards.

Then on to Monday's swim meet. Sister and Boo love the team spirit aspect of the meets. Mostly this includes writing "tattoos" all over each other, everyone's favorite being "Eat My Bubbles". The downside of having a bunch of six and seven years olds writing on your back...sometimes they misspell stuff - note Sister's back.

Boo swam in his first meet.

And was named Swimmer of Meet for his age group!

Tess-a-Bess played with her cousin's dog, dispelling the fact that all our children are afraid of dogs.

Towards the end of the week, we headed into the city partake in some downtown fun. We walked past Millennium Park to get tot he Taste of Chicago and saw this cute duck on a small park pond.

We ate lots of good food, and tried some new things (sesame beef on a stick was the big hit). Boo and Sister loved their treats from Aunt Diana's.

And Tess-a-Bess loved the pizza from Home Run Inn.

We checked out some sculptures at Millennium Park.

Posed for Mom

And pretended we were statues.

Then we all decided to get a little wet!

The week was rounded out with a little fireworks with good friends.

Other things that were not documents by pictures (mainly to spare you the gory details) was Tess-a-Bess's penchant for pooping in the tub. Three baths in a row we were graced by the sudden appearance of "floaters" in the water. Nothing makes for more fun than being home alone with three kids in the tub, when one of them drops a brick in the tub. You can imagine the shrieks and cleaning that follows.

Finally, while running on Monday morning, I helped another runner on the trail. She happened to have had a massive heart attack, and with the help of another woman, we were able to give her CPR and keep her with us until the EMS arrived. The last I talked to her family, she was doing well, but still had some recovering to do. I was happy to be at the right place at the right time. The experience has been another one that has helped me appreciate those around me and understand how truly great life really is!

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  1. What a week is right! So glad you were where you were when that woman went down. So proud of you!