Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, imaginary friends. Most kids have had them at one point or another. Sister (my oldest) used to have one named Andi when she was about 3. Andi came everywhere with her, and you had to be sure that you left room at the table for Andi, offered Andi food at dinner, and most importantly, held the door for Andi (one too many smacks in Andi's face taught us that one). At 4.5, I figured Boo (my middle)had past the stage where imaginary friends were part of his play. Apparently not...

Boo: See this stick I found, its my new imaginary friend!
Me: Great, but leave your imaginary friend outside so if he has any imaginary bugs in him they don't get in the house.
Boo: ::begrudgingly:: OK Mom

Three hours later on the way to Sister's piano..
Boo: I've got Sticky!
Me: Who's sticky?
Boo: My imaginary friend, it's a stick and his name is Sticky!
Me: Cool
Boo: You know why I have to hold him? Because he has a broken leg. And you know what Mom, he doesn't have a wheelchair, so I have to carry him around.

Hmmm, a wheelchair for a stick - at least my boy is kind enough to carry the gimpy stick around!

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