Friday, January 23, 2009

Mmmm, Bacon

Boo likes bacon...I mean really likes it. He could eat a pound of bacon if given the chance...he would eat it with a side of sausage. This morning he begged for bacon (ala the Beggin Strips commmercial, just less dog-like). I said it was frozen and that we could have bacon for lunch. He jumped for joy. At noon, I put the bacon in the oven and waited as the house filled with bacon fumes. Boo got excited. I rationed him four pieces, and he started gobbling. At one point, he had jammed so much bacon in his mouth that he had started to choke. I got a paper towel for him to spit it out, but he raised his hand as to shoo me and kept chewing. He wiped his eyes and smiled.

Boo: I almost choked.
Me: Yeah, I saw that.
Boo: (proudly) Yep, I almost spit it out, but then I kept chewing, and it went down.

Way to go Boo, risk your life for the glorious piece of bacon - kudos to you!

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