Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miss Bess

Like I said in my profile - my kids are funny. Hilarious in many times have I had to turn my head when they have said something. One time (god I wish I could remember what Sister had said) that I literally pretended I was crying from her behavior to hide my hysterical laughter.

Miss Bess is almost 3/4 of a year old. And though she can't talk, the things she does and the looks she has are equally hilarious. (though you can't really underestimate the hilarity of a well-timed "ba-ba-ba"). Miss Bess' favorite new thing is pointing - not at anything in particular, she isn't that advanced yet - but just with her pointer finger and sometimes thumb out. A few times she has put that pointed finger and thumb up to her know like letting me know I'm a loser. (good bloggers would insert some fittingly funny picture of Miss Bess doing this adorable trick - that's not me!) Good thing she is young, because insulting your mom like that will get her in trouble when she is older.

Here are just some sweet picture of that baby that we love...

Miss Bess and her mama

Miss Bess after a small procedure that caused her no harm, and us lots of photos!

Sleeping this afternoon with her fingers poking through the blanket!

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