Monday, April 20, 2009


Having a dramatic seven year old is a curse and a blessing. She loves performing and will entertain any guest that comes into our home, even if they don't want to be entertained. She will walk on stage in front of hundreds of people at a talent show and sing a solo without blinking an eye. She will make you laugh with her seven going on 17 going on 72 stories and mannerisms. She is one of the most outgoing, personable seven year olds I know.

But then there is the downside, which plays out when things may not be going Sister's way, or is she is (don't say it!)...tired. This past weekend Sister went away on a trip with her Grandma. It wasn't an all fun trip, there was some kid-sized business involved, but she did get to swim, eat junk, and stay up late. When she returned she was tired, to say the least. After about an hour at home, the waterworks began.

Me: Sister, dinner.
Sister: But, I didn't get a chance to play (insert hysterical tears here)

Dad: Sister, scoot up to the table.
Sister: Why do yo have to give me such a hard time (insert hysterical tears here)

Me: Tell me about your weekend.
Sister: It was fun (she's back to cheery at this point) we swam a lot. But then at night, the older girls got to go back to the pool and us younger kids had to go to bed (insert hysterical tears here).
Me: Sister, it's over with, you're fine, let's just eat
Sister: (with all the drama she can muster) I need to go to the bathroom and compose myself.

What seven year old needs to compose themselves? Yep, I know one!


  1. I love it. She cracks me up!

  2. Mmmm....sounds like me with pregnancy hormones!! hahahaha

  3. Heaven help me...mine is only three and a half ~ I can't imagine 3.5 more years! I already see too much of myself in her so I best be making some changes...I must go compose myself!