Thursday, February 25, 2010


Things that I love:

- I love that it snowed one of those wet, heavy snows where you can make a snowman in seven minutes flat.

- I also love the smile that Tess-a-Bess had developed recently in pictures. Extreme version above, here just a hilarious version.

- And here a toned down version, but still adorable (as are her sister and brother)

- I love that after taking Tess-a-Bess in a public restroom with me today, she insisted on giving me a high five when I finished, and we haven't even started potty training yet - she was just proud of me.

- I love that when my Dad sees a light bulb out in my house, he brings over the replacement the next time he comes over.

- I love that my kids play so damn well together, and play equally as well independently.

- I love (now, though it wasn't as lovable last night) that Boo got up in the middle of the night and peed in the tub instead of the toilet.

-I love that Sister dances and sings so much that she has passed that love on to her baby sister.

-I love that whenever my mom comes over she empties the dishwasher, even though she never puts things in the right place.

- I love that Boo proclaimed today opposite day and then said, "I don't love you Mom, not one tiny bit!"

- I love when the hubby says I'm cute even when I'm unshowered, crazy-haired and dowdy.

-I love when one word spoken simultaneously by me and my best friend can send us into obnoxious, uproarious laughter that embarrasses the hell out of both our husbands while we're in a fancy restaurant.

- I love that mention of the previous incident a few days later will again send me and my friend into uncontrollable laughter.

- I love how Tess-a-Bess hugs everything from pencils to baby dolls to bananas, she's just real excited about everything.

- I love how friends think of me when buying makeup.

- I love how Sister and Boo can spend hours making up wild scenarios when they are playing with something as simple as Japanese erasers.

- I love coming up with a blog idea in the last days of February so I can have at least one post for this month!!


  1. And I love this post! Thanks Kel!

  2. I love the fact that you are in my life!


  3. I love that you blogged again - it had been too long! And I love that you make me think have more than one offspring might not be a terrible idea, even if growing them isn't the easiest thing.

  4. I love this. It is awesome. As are you, and your kids.

  5. I love Potassium!

  6. Favorite post. I love that you love so much. Seriously, you made me smile a really big, grateful smile.