Monday, September 28, 2009


Boo came home last week from school to tell me about something he had learned today. It went something like this:

Me: How was school today Boo?
Boo: Good, we learned about buckets.
Me: Buckets? (wondering why my hefty tuition was paying for lessons on buckets)
Boo: Yes, buckets. There are two kinds of people, Mom - bucket dippers and bucket fillers. Bucket dippers are the kind of people who are always dipping into other people's buckets by saying mean things like, "I don't like you" or "you're not my friend." Bucket fillers are the kind of people who say or do nice things. They help you with your work or tell you "I love you" or "I like your orange shirt." And when they do these nice things they fill up the other person's bucket, but also fill up their own bucket at the same time. So we should all try to be bucket fillers.
Me: I love you Boo (and hugged him knowing that if it is just for this, the hefty tuition is more than worth it).

Last weekend I spent four days with many bucket fillers. Women and men (well one specific man) who have worked hard to help others, but at the same time have made their lives so much richer.

The Liz Logelin Foundation is a charity that hopes to assist widows and widowers with young children. Two events took place last weekend in beautiful Minnesota, events that raised thousands of dollars for families in need. The events also brought together a group of friends, who may have only met on the internet, but have friendships that will last for a long time. A few pictures from the weekend:

Lauren, Danielle, and I at the pool party.

One of my faves, Becky and the Wienermobile:
Kate, Me, Danielle:

All the girls plus Matt:

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend so memorable. And thanks to my hubby for holding down the fort while I was gone!


  1. I love this post! I'll no longer ask if the glass is half full; I'll ask how full the bucket is! <3